Why are videos the best to use with Edge? What makes edge special for Videos? This article will cover aspects of Video at Edge why it is a Unilateral choice! Read on!

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With advancements in computing, we are making newer technologies to improve end-user performance. The tool to help us in getting the best user experiences is edge computing. As cloud computing is gaining momentum, we have created better applications that were impossible earlier. Given the vast arena of edge computing, we can get several benefits from it. Therefore, we should not restrict to only content and look beyond what is available presently.

We all know that our computer applications depend on the cloud for efficient operations. Still, certain drawbacks of this dependence include buffering, loading time, reduced efficiency, irritation, etc. This article will look at how we can get the best video experience at the Edge.

hybrid cloud computing

How can the Edge help us in getting the best video experience?

We all love to watch different genre videos on our smartphones, laptops, PC and other devices. But these are only limited to a restricted view; we don’t feel them in reality. Therefore, several tech projects look into the possibility of creating a 360-degree video experience. Several tools like head-mounted Display (HMD), also called virtual reality, can come in handy for this 360-degree video viewing. It creates more interest and unique ways than a traditional video viewing experience. However, there are several challenges that this technology has to overcome to provide a better user experience.

Challenges for better user experience

  • High Bandwidth is required to run these immersive videos
  • Latency sensitivity is another problem.
  • Requirement of Heterogeneous HMD devices for getting a 360-degree experience

However, edge computing can help us overcome these challenges and enhance the user experience.

What is edge computing?

The Edge often termed the next-gen solution, can help us get the best video experience because it allows us to view unlimited content on different devices. The quality is improved because the content is stored near the end-user. Interestingly, Edge can help get an enjoyable experience with no regard to the location.

Take videos loading, for example, it is faster in edge computing rather than cloud computing. To check the video experience in edge computing, users played an edge gaming app(a smartphone multiplayer video game). They did the entire process on edge rather than on a mobile phone. This experiment showed spectacular results with remarkable speed.

In a video operating system that gets help from the Edge, the viewers get a 360-degree viewpoint on edge servers. The algorithms involved in Edge can help implement and solve the problems of video streaming systems.

Benefits for using Edge for video streaming

  • Edge helps in reducing bandwidth usage. Therefore, there is a reduction in loading and buffering issues.

  • The computation workload on HMD (Head Mounted Display) is reduced because lightweight models are used.

  • The users could realise lower network latency.

  • Let’s compare it with traditional video streaming platforms. We will get 62% better performance because it reduces bandwidth consumption by almost sixty-two per cent and renders the highest video quality to the viewer.

  • The battery life is also enhanced because the Edge consumes far less battery than traditional video streaming platforms.

    Edge Computing for video streaming

Imagine the possibility of hosting a whole application on edge computing

We have seen how edge computing can offer wonderful video experiences. Let’s see how edge computing can help us in hosting a whole application and getting maximum satisfaction. According to the study, if we upload the entire application at the Edge, we would need only a front-facing client to operate with no other requirement.

An excellent example to understand this concept is Google glass. If we watch an application on Google glass, we can see that it is not hosting the application, but it is only a medium to view it. Similarly, smartphones would not host the application but become a medium to view the application. It could therefore show spectacular performance.

Enhanced Experience is not the only benefit by hosting on Edge

  • We will see the first change in the landscape of application.

Edge will make the application more interactive, intelligent and exciting, thus giving a better user experience.

  • The application hosted on Edge will not need to depend on a smartphone but only on the network.

  • The requirements for allied technology like power, battery, memory for smartphones will reduce since we host the applications on Edge and not on the smartphone.

In addition, it will help smartphone manufacturers to give necessary attention to hardware components like display, screen, etc.

Hosting applications at the Edge will bring a revolution and how we perceive smartphones. We will, then, use smartphones only for viewing the application and not for storing the application.

As the load on smartphones reduces, companies can remove unnecessary technology from smartphones. Users can get slim, thin, foldable (as the latest technology is trying to give) and even unimagined smartphones in the future.

multi access edge computing

How does an application get to be a part of edge computing?

We saw how edge computing could help us in getting an excellent video and application experience. But we don’t want to give this to theory, only instead bring it to practical use. For making it a reality, there are specific requirements. The first requirement for hosting applications or videos on Edge rather than a smartphone is an edge computing platform. Only an edge computing platform will enable us to get the benefit of network and application. Therefore, several companies like are working on creating an ‘OS for the edge’. 

Rounding up:

In this article, we saw how edge computing could help render better quality videos, solve the existing problems of video streaming platforms and give the best user experience. But for all of this to be a reality, we require platforms to adopt edge computing.

Therefore, welcome the future of video streaming and reap the benefits of edge devices by reaching out to us. We are soon to realise the benefits of the videos listed above due to edge computing.

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