Communities are often founded on the common problems of individuals learning in a certain place, and the aims of each community vary depending on the individual's collective requirements.

Starting as a newbie in the DevOps sector can be difficult and daunting as you try to find platforms based on DevOps from which you can learn and successful DevOps programmers are continuously reading, learning, and deploying new concepts. To make your search easier, we've compiled a list of DevOps Communities that educate DevOps from beginning to end.

Microsoft Azure DevOps

1.  Microsoft Learn

Microsoft Learn is a free, interactive, hands-on training platform that assists users in developing in-demand technical skills connected to popular Microsoft products and services such as Microsoft Azure DevOps. Microsoft Learn includes a plethora of modules, learning routes, and quizzes to assist learners in comprehending DevOps topics and Microsoft Azure DevOps. It is presently limited to text and does not support video or audio.

2.  Reddit

Reddit is a worldwide community of hundreds of subcommunities, never-ending dialogues, and true networking with loads of never-ending streams for developers such as /r/DevOps, /r/SysAdmin, /r/Puppet, /r/ITIL, /r/Dockerr, and more. /r/DevOps on Reddit provides a decent mix of queries and answers about specific technologies like Puppet and Docker, as well as broader DevOps principles and practices such as DevOps as a service, DevOps automation, and Direct DevOps.

3.  Google Developers Groups

Google Developers Group brings together software developers with similar interests through gatherings and hands-on courses. Everyone and anybody interested in technology, from novices to established experts, are welcome in the community to learn about Google Cloud DevOps. Google Developers Groups covers a wide range of technical topics and provides opportunities to learn new skills through hands-on workshops, training, events, conferences, and gatherings, both online and in person.

4.  LinkedIn.

Similar to product evaluations, LinkedIn offers several sub-communities that allow you to see multiple perspectives, which may help you measure overall impressions of services such as DevOps as a service, DevOps automation, and Direct DevOps. Members of the LinkedIn sub-communities range from seasoned experts to inexperienced newcomers. LinkedIn sub-communities postings might become lost in a sea of technical complexity, or they can be embarrassingly simple and blatantly inaccurate. LinkedIn sub-communities include DevOps, DevOps Discussions, DevOps Professionals, Docker Professionals, DevOps at Scale, and others.

DevOps as a service

5.  Amazon Web Services Community Builders

The AWS Community Builders programme provides AWS technical enthusiasts and rising thought leaders who are passionate about sharing knowledge and interacting with the technical community with technical resources, education, and networking opportunities. AWS builders who are interested in building ties with AWS product teams, AWS Heroes, and the AWS community should apply to the programme. The programme will only accept a limited number of participants each year. All AWS developers are invited and encouraged to apply.

6. serves as the DevOps community's home website. It is entirely focused on DevOps and services including DevOps as a service, DevOps automation, and Direct DevOps. You'll discover news, product reviews, opinion articles, strategies, best practices, case studies, events, and insights from the Pros of the DevOps ecosystem. They also offer a massive library of ebooks and PDFs available for download.

7.  Atlassian DevOps blog

If you like Atlassian products like JIRA, Bitbucket, Confluence, Bamboo, Trello, and so on, you'll enjoy this site. They address crucial issues ranging from IT management to compliance standards in the DevOps environment. There are themes such as how to pick the correct DevOps technologies such as DevOps as a service, DevOps automation, and Direct DevOps, how to develop a DevOps culture, DevOps recommendations, and so on.

8.  DevOps Cube

DevOps Cube is one of the top DevOps blogs on the internet. It is a site packed with useful lessons, tips, examples, and trends. You will also discover articles about the finest DevOps tools, such as Docker, Jenkins, Cloud DevOps, Azure DevOps, and others. And these papers are appropriate for both novice and experienced DevOps engineers.

9.  Women Who Code

Women Who Code is a global non-profit organisation that offers events, coding tools, jobs, mentorship, and more to women in technology. They want to motivate, support, and assist women in developing technical skills and advancing in their jobs. They cover Cloud DevOps, Azure DevOps, AWS DevOps and other major platforms.

10.  Hashnode

Hashnode is an online community where professionals may share information and advance their professions. On Hashnode, developers from all around the world participate in important conversations. You may create tales, ask open-ended and technical questions, ask anonymous inquiries, and initiate polls.


The link in developer communities has evolved from "technical groups" to "family groups" where everyone is passionate about sharing information, giving back, and assisting others to achieve greater success. Cheers to a new era in which information sharing and community building are the norms.

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