DevOps refers to the techniques that development and IT operations teams use to speed and expand software delivery. These approaches include automation, continuous integration, development, testing, and infrastructure as code implementation.

Optimize your Development process with these free cloud platforms.

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So what is NIFE ?

NIFE is a Singapore-based Unified Public Cloud Edge best cloud computing platform for securely managing, deploying, and scaling any application globally using Auto Deployment from Git. It requires no DevOps, servers, or infrastructure management. NIFE's Hybrid Cloud Platform can deploy all your applications instantly.  Nife is a serverless platform for developers that allows enterprises to efficiently manage, launch, and scale applications internationally. It runs your apps near your users and grows to compute in cities where your programme is most often used.

Features of the NIFE hybrid cloud platform are:

·       Deploy in Seconds - Deploy your app using Docker images, or connect to your GIT repository and deploy it manually.

·       Run globally in a Single Click - Run your applications in one or more of our locations, or link your infrastructure. With 500 Cloud, Edge, and Telco sites, you can go worldwide.

·       Auto Scaling Seamlessly - Any region or place at the nearest endpoint is at your fingertips.

Salesforce Heroku

Heroku is a cloud application platform that integrates computation, data, and workflow with a developer experience focused on productivity. The platform enables business teams to deliver trusted client experiences at scale in the shortest amount of time.

Recently Heroku announced that the Heroku Postgres (10K rows, $5/month) and Heroku Data for Redis® (25 MB, $3/month) now have Mini plans. New plans will be available before Heroku's free product offerings are phased out on November 28, 2022.


Render is a comprehensive platform for building and running all of your applications and websites, complete with free SSL, a worldwide CDN, private networks, and Git auto deployments. Recently Render has stopped the free plans for students and developers. The free plan only offers email support and community support while it has three paid plans named ‘All paid plan, Enterprise Plan and Premium Plan’ with many paid features.

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Cloudways is a managed hosting company that prioritises performance and ease of use. Cloudways handles all aspects of server administration, from simple server and application deployment to continuous server maintenance, so you can focus on expanding your business. Cloudways' main selling point is choice - the option of cloud providers, the choice of hosting practically any PHP-powered application, the choice of utilising a premium or free SSL, and the choice of developer and agency-focused processes.

The entry-level charge of Cloudways is $10.00 per month.


Plesk's goal is to make web professionals' life easier so they may focus on their primary business rather than infrastructure administration. Automation and control of domains, mail accounts, web apps, programming languages, and databases are key Plesk platform capabilities. Providing a code-ready environment as well as excellent security across all layers and operating systems.

The entry-level charge of Plesk is $9.90

Platform. sh is a contemporary Platform as a Service (PaaS) for building, running, and scaling websites and online applications. contains a varied library of development languages and frameworks, built-in tools to manage application lifecycle at scale, and flexible workflows to enable teams to create together, unlike managed hosting providers, IaaS providers, or traditional DevOps tools. enables enterprises to develop more quickly, reduce time to market, increase collaboration, and shift investment from infrastructure to customer benefit.

The entry-level charge of is $10.00

Zoho Creator

Zoho Creator is a low-code application creation platform that helps organisations digitise their processes without the headache of traditional programming. The platform enables organisations of all sizes to manage their data and operations, gain insights from their data, and effortlessly integrate with their existing software. Create custom forms, set up processes, and design informative pages in minutes to get your app up and running. More than 13,000 enterprises and over 7 million people worldwide rely on us as their technology partner.

The entry-level charge of Zoho Creator is $25 per month.


Glitch is a browser-based collaborative programming environment that deploys code as you type. Glitch may be used to create everything from a basic webpage to full-stack Node apps. Glitch is a fantastic IDE and hosting platform, far superior to one of its primary competitors. The only issue with the Glitch is that non-static projects "sleep" after a while. That means you have to wait for it to "wake up," which might take up to a minute.


NIFE is the best free cloud platform for DevOps Developers as compared to others, It offers a free cloud platform with many features. Nife PaaS Platform enables you to deploy various types of services near the end-user, such as entire web apps, APIs, and event-driven serverless operations, without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

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